Helping our planet heal using NFTs to fund trees & regenerate healthy soils.

when nfts meets real farm land

the future of Farming & nfts

25,000 NFTs.  1-1 Real Tree Planted.  A GreenChip NFT Project.

You mint the nft

We plant the real tree


What is MetaTrees NFT?

A project with impact

MetaTrees NFT is a community driven project with the aim of restoring and regenerating the environment and farms. To begin to achieve this goal, the project, with the help from our community, will regenerate a real farm (Called MetaFarm) located in NSW, Australia by using regenerative agriculture principles.

A massive part of this project is planting 25 000 trees on the farm, this will start the regeneration process. To make this project open to everyone, we have lowered each MetaTree NFT to costs 0.035Eth, this will allow each MetaTrees NFT to support the planting and growth of one real tree on the farm and support the overall project. 

Buyers of the MetaTree NFT will enjoy many other benefits, such as real life events on and off the farm, some of the benefits can be seen in the utility section below.


We want the project to impact the world and plant as many trees as possible, that is why we will have 25 000 MetaTrees NFT available to buy.

To see what we have in plan for the project, phases 0-2 of the roadmap are available below. Make sure to get ready for phases 3-6, they will change the world!

Are you ready to start regenerating?

Planting 25000 Trees

Helping our planet heal using NFTs to fund trees & regenerate healthy soils.

The Story

bridge the gap between Farming and nfts.

MetaFarm was once an oasis, abundant with plants and animals, but over time, all the MetaTrees were cut-down causing the slow destruction of the land. The rich soils turned to dirt, the springs dried up and the life left from MetaFarm. MetaFarm had slowly turned it into a desert wasteland… 


But there might be hope for MetaFarm, with the planting of 

25 000 MetaTrees, we can turn the barren wasteland back into a fertile oasis.  However, this is no small task, the MetaTrees to be minted before they can get planted.


This is where MetaFarm needs you – MetaFarmers!


Every MetaTreeNFT minted allows for 1 real tree to be planted on the real MetaFarm located in NSW, Australia. 


Not only will MetaFarmers plant trees, but they also sequester carbon, by removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil. This allows MetaFarmers to offset their carbon emissions through MetaTreesNFT. Holders of MetaTrees NFT will receive many other benefits from the NFT’s utility.

Metatrees Nft utility

Each MetaTree NFT gives the holder exclusive benefits

Each MetaTree plants and supports a real tree. This tree will have a very important function on the farm, ranging from fruit production for wild birds, to forming shelter for livestock and wildlife, slowing down water and biomass production to build soil fertility.


Each Tree’s location, species and function on the farm will be uploaded to our farm map so that you can see your on the farm. You’ll know exactly which tree you supported as each MetaTree is numbered and matched to a real tree.

Each MetaTree is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain as an Non-Fungible Token (NFT), this allows us to keep record of supporters. Each time a MetaTree is purchased, the MetaTree NFT is minted and held in a wallet. The buyer of the MetaTree can request to be transferred their NFT at any time. The NFT is a digital asset that the you will own.

MetaTree buyers will have the exclusive first offer to any future MetaFarm projects, drops and events in the future. Many of these offers will be given to supports at a discounted price.

Even though we have not listed them yet, we always be developing new benefits to bring to supporters. 

Unlike other projects that give supporters a once off benefit, MetaTree supporters will be getting continue benefits across the life time of this project (30yrs+) and many other projects to come.

Metatrees nft rarity

Each MetaTrees NFT is unique, however, some features can be rarer than others. The rarer the MetaTrees NFT the better the utility! All MetaTrees NFTs contain the utilities above, but some features contain unique benefits exclusive to that feature.


Light green


less Common

Dark green








ultra rare









creators that know why planting trees matters.

Our MetaTrees’ team is passionate to disruptively change modern farming using regenerative principles, community and NFTs. The team is driven to restore farm ecosytems, heal the environment and to help other farmers build their farms regeneratively.


The team is keen to meet all our MetaFarmers on MetaTrees’ Discord, Facebook Group and Live Webinars.

Teale Simmons

Studying BSc/BAdvStudies (Agric), Founder Of Agresol & Farmer

'Regen Ray' milidoni

Soil Health Advocate & Host of Secrets of the Soil Podcast. 🌱 🤎 🌿

Meg Amat

Community Manager & Marketing - CEO and Creative Director of Incandescent Creatives

Jack Austin

Developer Team Lead

Pixel Art Team

Pixel Artisit

watch your NFT literally grow

The roadmap

Restoring MetaFarm will be no easy feat!


That’s why we have our Roadmap to share the plan and keep our MetaFarmers up-to-date with the process.


Make sure to join our Discord and Facebook Group to Connect with other MetaFarmers.

Phase 0 - Pre Drop

Jan 2022 - Mar 2022

Our Progress So Far

Phase 1 - The Drop Minting Live

Our Progress So Far

Phase 2 - Regenerating Metafarm

April 2022 - Onwards

Our Progress So Far

Phase 3 - coming soon


When we crunched the numbers of how many trees we will need it was always more then 10K. So we thought let’s lower the mint price and have a collection with more quantity. 

The exciting part of this project is planting 25 000 trees on the farm, this will start the regeneration process to heal the land and soil. To make this project open to everyone, we have lowered each MetaTree NFT to costs 0.035Eth, this will allow each MetaTrees NFT to support the planting and growth of one real tree on the farm and support the overall project. 

Whitelist and Public Mint have the same price of 0.035Eth 

Whitelist Mint will be 26th March at 8am AEST (See in your Time Zone)

Public Mint will be 27th March at 8am AEST (See in your Time Zone)

Our vision ultimately is to improve agriculture using regenerative principles so that farmers can increase profitability and more importantly produce more nutritious food. Our vision for MetaFarms is to use this as a case study to inspire and educate other farmers (and consumers) to improve their farming operations, we are using NFTs to help with these by not only raising money but also to build a community around regeneration.

MetaTrees NFT is just one part of the bigger picture to introduce people to Regen Ag by planting trees. Once MetaFarm is regenerated we will host events, courses, workshops conferences and more irl. We have massive plans for this project (Much bigger the MetaTrees NFT) and we are keen for you to come along! 

We get excited about this question! It will be verified by through the emission reduction fund by the Clean energy regulator in Australia. An important note is that there will be three ways carbon will be directly removed, firstly through the trees absorbing carbon dioxide and storing that as tree biomass, secondly by other plant species growing on MetaFarm, and thirdly, by sequestering carbon into the soil using regenerative agriculture principles, we aim for an increase of at least 0.5% soil organic carbon each year, equates to about 7 ton of carbon stored per ha. We think we could offset the minting transaction emission within 6-8 months of regenerating.

With the work we do on MetaFarm, we will be also helping other farmers move towards Regenerative agriculture and store more carbon into the soil and trees, we want MetaFarm to be an awesome case study for all farmers to see that farming can be both produce yielding and environmentally beneficial.

That is why the whole regeneration process will be documented and shown to everyone, plus running other events such as MetaFarmers Conference to inspire other farmers. So indirectly, MetaFarmers could store a lot more carbon by impacting other farms by showing other farms that sustainable and regenerative agriculture works highly effectively.

This is the biggest factor that separates this project from other tree planting projects. Locking up land to only plant one type of tree and not use the soil isn’t impactful or useful for other people. We want everyone to see that farming can be done to benefit the environment, the farmer & all humans.

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