MetaTrees NFT

Planting 25 000 Trees To Regenerate Farmland

What is metaTrees NFT?

MetaTrees NFT is an NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain where each MetaTree purchased supports the planting of a REAL tree on a Regenerative Farm in Australia.


Each MetaTree is a way to show support for regenerating farmland. Each Tree planted is tracked and linked to your MetaTree NFT so that you can see the real impact of your NFT.

The Farm

Taylors Run - Michael taylor

Located near in the New England region, Taylors Run is a 1250 ha mixed grazing operation farmed by 6th generation farmer and the 2022 Australia Farmer of the Year, Michael Taylor. Michael runs the farm using regenerative principles such as integrated agroforestry and Silvopasture to produce some of Australia’s most premium superfine merino wool.


MetaTrees NFT has partnered with Michael Taylor to start off the planting of 25 000 trees on Taylors Run, each tree will service a specific function on Michael’s Farm to maximise the benefit each tree will bring to the farm.

Offical MetaTrees NFT partners

How to get your metatree nft Planted?

Buy/Mint Your Metatree NFT

You have the choice between Minting your own MetaTree NFT or buying a MetaTree NFT. 


You can Mint your own MetaTree NFT onto the Ethereum Blockchain yourself by using our Minting Portal. For this you’ll need the Ethereum Crypto currently and a MetaMask wallet. 


If you aren’t interested in minting and holding your own MetaTree NFT, you can buy a MetaTree and allow us to safely hold onto it for you. At any point you can request us to transfer your MetaTree to a web 3 wallet you own.


Support the regeneration of MetaFarm and farmland by buying a MetaTree. You can either do this using $ETH or $AUD

Mint your MetaTree NFT!

Mint a MetaTree NFT onto the blockchain now!


To mint a MetaTree NFT you’ll need:

  • Ethereum 
  • A Web3 Wallet (Recommend MetaMask)

BUY your MetaTree!

Use your Credit Card to buy your MetaTree

We plant your MetaTree For you!

MetaTrees isn’t just about planting trees, it’s about planting trees that serve a function in the landscape. A range of tree species will get planted at range of different locations on Taylors Run, some trees will have the serve function to product fruit, others to provide shade,  forage for livestock, or to slow down the flow of water. Each MetaTree will be planted with a specific function in mind to service the whole farm ecosystem.

Keep up-to-date with your MetaTree

Your MetaTree’s function, growth and location will be tracked over the course of it’s growth. This allows you to see the impact that your having on the landscape.

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Why Own a MetaTree NFT?

Each MetaTree plants and supports a real tree. This tree will have a very important function on the farm, ranging from fruit production for wild birds, to forming shelter for livestock and wildlife, slowing down water and biomass production to build soil fertility.


Each Tree’s location, species and function on the farm will be uploaded to our farm map so that you can see your on the farm. You’ll know exactly which tree you supported as each MetaTree is numbered and matched to a real tree.

Each MetaTree is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain as an Non-Fungible Token (NFT), this allows us to keep record of supporters. Each time a MetaTree is purchased, the MetaTree NFT is minted and held in a wallet. The buyer of the MetaTree can request to be transferred their NFT at any time. The NFT is a digital asset that the you will own.

MetaTree buyers will have the exclusive first offer to any future MetaFarm projects, drops and events in the future. Many of these offers will be given to supports at a discounted price.

Even though we have not listed them yet, we always be developing new benefits to bring to supporters. 

Unlike other projects that give supporters a once off benefit, MetaTree supporters will be getting continue benefits across the life time of this project (30yrs+) and many other projects to come.

What to learn more about MetaTrees nfT's Tokenomics?

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creators that know why planting trees matters.

Our MetaTrees’ team is passionate to disruptively change modern farming using regenerative principles and community. The team is driven to restore farm ecosytems, heal the environment and to help other farmers build their farms regeneratively.

Teale Simmons

Studying BSc/BAdvStudies (Agric), Founder Of Agresol & Farmer

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Soil Health Advocate & Host of Secrets of the Soil Podcast. 🌱 🤎 🌿