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Metatrees Nft utility & Benefits

Each MetaTree NFT gives the supporter exclusive benefits

MetaFarmers Club

MetaTree holders will get life-time membership to the “MetaFarmers Club”.
Similar to William Shaw’s Farmers Club which is “a gathering place for farmers which could also serve as a platform, from which would go out to England news of all that was good in farming, with reports of any discussions about those things that needed to be done.”
The MetaFarmers Club is “a gathering place for farmers which could also serve as a platform, from which would go out to Global news of all that was good in farming, with reports of any discussions about those things that needed to be done.”

On Farm Events

Buyers of a MetaTree will gain exclusive access to on farm events. These include:

– Farm Tours

– Regenerative agriculture workshops

– Regenerative agriculture conferences

– Field days

– On Farm Dinner Functions

Community Supported Agriculture

Buyers of a MetaTree will get first access to the farm’s community supported agriculture (CSA). The farm will predominately produce premium regeneratively grazed beef, with some fruit production. MetaTree buyers will get first access to buying this produce at a discount.

Planting 25000 Trees

Helping our planet heal using NFTs to fund trees & regenerate healthy soils.

Support A Tree

Each MetaTree plants and supports a real tree. This tree will have a very important function on the farm, ranging from fruit production for wild birds, to forming shelter for livestock and wildlife, slowing down water and biomass production to build soil fertility. 


Each Tree’s location, species and function on the farm will be uploaded to our farm map so that you can see your on the farm. You’ll know exactly which tree you supported as each MetaTree is numbered and matched to a real tree.

Sequester Carbon - Mitigates against Climate Change

By buying a MetaTree you are supporting the sinking of carbon out of the atmosphere and into soil. This builds healthy soil and mitigates against climate change. This sequestered carbon will be measured yearly and will be used to produce carbon credits.

Soil Learning Center

Buyers of the MetaTree will get exclusive access and discounts to the on-farm’s Soil Learning Center. This is an education, learning and training facility which will host all the farm’s events.


The center will teach other’s about healthy soil and regenerative agriculture practices.


Support the regeneration of MetaFarm and farmland by buying a MetaTree. You can either do this using $ETH or $AUD

Mint your MetaTree NFT!

Mint a MetaTree NFT onto the blockchain now!


To mint a MetaTree NFT you’ll need:

  • Ethereum 
  • A Web3 Wallet (Recommend MetaMask)

BUY your MetaTree!

Use your Credit Card to buy your MetaTree and we will mint and hold the NFT for you!

Backed By Blockchain and NFTs

Each MetaTree is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain as an Non-Fungible Token (NFT), this allows us to keep record of supporters. Each time a MetaTree is purchased, the MetaTree NFT is minted and held in a wallet. The buyer of the MetaTree can request to be transferred their NFT at any time. The NFT is a digital asset that the you will own.

MetaFarm Regeneration Documentation

The whole regeneration of MetaFarm will be documented for everyone to see and learn from. We will share the exact methods and techniques we have used to regenerate as well as the practices which did not work. You will have the knowledge to start regenerating.

Offers and Future Projects

MetaTree buyers will have the exclusive first offer to any future MetaFarm projects, drops and events in the future. Many of these offers will be given to supports at a discounted price.

Much, Much More!

Even though we have not listed them yet, we always be developing new benefits to bring to supporters. Unlike other projects that give supporters a once off benefit, MetaTree supporters will be getting continue benefits across the life time of this project (30yrs+) and many other projects to come.

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