Supporting Regenerative Farmers with Trees

Help fund the planting of 1 000 Trees!

Update: Planting is Completed

What is metaTree?

MetaTrees is an tree planting project that partner with regenerative farmers to build ecological health on Australian Farms.


The project keep a record everyone’s support, where each MetaTree purchased supports the planting of a REAL tree on a Regenerative Farm in Australia.


Each MetaTree is a way to show support for regenerating farmland. Each Tree planted is tracked and linked so that you can see the real impact of your Tree.

Our Farming Partners

Taylors Run - Michael taylor

Located near in the New England region, Taylors Run is a 1250 ha mixed grazing operation farmed by 6th generation farmer and the 2022 Australia Farmer of the Year, Michael Taylor. Michael runs the farm using regenerative principles such as integrated agroforestry and Silvopasture to produce some of Australia’s most premium superfine merino wool.

MetaTrees has partnered with Michael Taylor to start off the planting of 1 000 trees on Taylors Run, each tree will service a specific function on Michael’s Farm to maximise the benefit each tree will bring to the farm.

Planting 1000 Trees

MetaTrees partners with Regenerative Farmers to plant trees on their farms. Our mission is to plant 1000 trees where each tree has a specific purpose on our farmer’s properties. By adopting a MetaTree, you support the planting of a tree with purpose on one of these farms. 

Your MetaTree is directly linked to a specific tree on the farm that is tracked and monitored.