Saving farmland

With Regenerative Agriculture

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33% of the Earth’s Farmland is degraded according to a FAO’s report!


And this is only growing! More and more farmland is being degraded, leading to potential mass food shortages. 


MetaTrees is fixing this by healing and restoring farms by showing farmers a new way to farm using regenerative agriculture.

Introducing metaFarm

A hope for farmland

MetaFarm is a case study farm. Designed and built using regenerative agriculture to show other’s how to heal their land.


Using principles from Permaculture, Natural Sequence Farming, Biodynamics, Organics and other regenerative agriculture methods, a cattle grazing Farm in the Central West of NSW, Australia will be completely regenerated from a wasteland, back into a productive, profitable farm.

Support the healing of metafarm

We need you!

We need your help in restoring MetaFarm! The best way to help is to buy a MetaTree. The funds will go directly into regenerating farmland, planting trees and building educational facilities for everyone to use and learn from.

Buy A MetaTree

A MetaTree is a token of support for regenerating MetaFarm.  It shows others that you supported the project. You’ll need this token to come to our on farm events!


Each MetaTree is backed by a NFT



Buying a MetaTree  shows others that you have supported the regeneration of farmland. 


Your MetaTree acts as a token to give you access to MetaFarm events and more! The following are the benefits you gain by buying a MetaTree!

Each MetaTree plants and supports a real tree. This tree will have a very important function on the farm, ranging from fruit production for wild birds, to forming shelter for livestock and wildlife, slowing down water and biomass production to build soil fertility.


Each Tree’s location, species and function on the farm will be uploaded to our farm map so that you can see your on the farm. You’ll know exactly which tree you supported as each MetaTree is numbered and matched to a real tree.

Each MetaTree is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain as an Non-Fungible Token (NFT), this allows us to keep record of supporters. Each time a MetaTree is purchased, the MetaTree NFT is minted and held in a wallet. The buyer of the MetaTree can request to be transferred their NFT at any time. The NFT is a digital asset that the you will own.

MetaTree buyers will have the exclusive first offer to any future MetaFarm projects, drops and events in the future. Many of these offers will be given to supports at a discounted price.

Even though we have not listed them yet, we always be developing new benefits to bring to supporters. 

Unlike other projects that give supporters a once off benefit, MetaTree supporters will be getting continue benefits across the life time of this project (30yrs+) and many other projects to come.


Support the regeneration of MetaFarm and farmland by buying a MetaTree. You can either do this using $ETH or $AUD

Mint your MetaTree NFT!

Mint a MetaTree NFT onto the blockchain now!


To mint a MetaTree NFT you’ll need:

  • Ethereum 
  • A Web3 Wallet (Recommend MetaMask)

BUY your MetaTree!

Use your Credit Card to buy your MetaTree and we will mint and hold the NFT for you!

Bonus: Get 2 trees in this package

What to learn more about Metatrees nft's tokenomics?

Click on the MetaTree NFT to find out more!

The Force Behind The Tree Planting & MetaFarms

The Support

Agresol specialises in transitioning farmers to Regenerative Agriculture. Agresol is able to build farming profits by restoring agro-ecosystems all through their coaching programs.

creators that know why planting trees matters.

Our MetaTrees’ team is passionate to disruptively change modern farming using regenerative principles and community. The team is driven to restore farm ecosytems, heal the environment and to help other farmers build their farms regeneratively.

Teale Simmons

Studying BSc/BAdvStudies (Agric), Founder Of Agresol & Farmer

'Regen Ray' milidoni

Soil Health Advocate & Host of Secrets of the Soil Podcast. 🌱 🤎 🌿